SCAYLE is a technology partner that lets you focus on your core business.

Competitive pressures, speed to market and regulatory demands are constantly rising. It is becoming harder and harder for startups and young companies to manage existing infrastructure, develop new products in an efficient and cost effective manner.


We cut through the noise and distractions of the technology world and focus on the business needs and end results. 

We aim to support your business strategy, not just your IT projects and infrastructure. Our focus is on your strategic needs first, so we can determine the technological capabilities needed to achieve your long-term goals. SCAYLE helps you address technology-related decisions to ensure that the services we provide benefit your growth, scalability, and ROI.

Every year almost as many businesses
(start-ups) fail as are started!


How will we help you succeed?


Deliver Quality.


Execution, Execution, Execution!


Exceed Expectations.


Partial Equity Payment Option.

We want to change this ratio!

Startups and small businesses need a partner to help them make the most of their cash and also provide the right management expertise that will help increase the probability of their success.

Our Services

We partner with start-ups to grow their operations and extend their positive cash flows, so they can turn
their ideas into reality. In essence, extending their runway.

Software Developement

Our team is made of technical experts who care deeply about
customers’ needs.  We build exceptional applications based on Agile
best practices and DevOps principles. We collaborate with our
customers closely and produce workable software in shorter cycles
thus reducing overall total cost of ownership.  We partner with
our customers and help them take an idea from
conception to reality with minimal costs.  Whether clients want instant
access to latest software technologies or maintenance & support,
SCAYLE aims to deliver the best possible solution.

Consulting & BPO

We have experts who can help clients in advisory, training,
outsourcing, and other services to help your business grow and
flourish. We also provide Business Process Outsourcing services so
clients can outsource a function or part of a function to lower costs while expanding services. Examples of these services include accounting,
finance, strategy, business planning, customer support etc.

Managed Services

Our engineers are skilled at cloud infrastructure; the team is
comprised of certified engineers in popular cloud computing
platforms like Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure.  Scayle
helps its customers in evaluation, onboarding, migration and
implementation of cloud infrastructure.  Our services include
proactive monitoring, automation, patching, alerting, back-up
management and disaster recovery of customer’s environments.
Cloud services and platform are a key part of a company’s
strategy and should be treated as such.

Shared Services

We organize and provide standardized services like HR,
Recruiting, Finance and Corporate IT to help clients focus on
their core business. Our strategy entails driving standardization through technology and processes.  In addition, our experienced professionals
help startups and mid-sized companies get the advice and experience
that they can sometimes lack because of capital constraints.